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The author of the Taboo

Manoj Jain is a successful entrepreneur and an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad . He Lives in Mumbai with his wife, mom and two kids . When Manoj isn't working , he's busy writing fiction literature.  He loves meeting and talking to new people , understanding their stories and woes. It does help  that he's also a student of psychology.




2016 |  The Boys Night Out

The BNO looks at how the lives of eight relationships get affected by a casual night out. From the lonely housewife to the traveling business man, the book delves into the very private lives of married couples and how a single night can alter all existing equations.


2016  |  Under a gibbous moon

A book on loss, longing and changing circumstances, The THC dives into uncomfortable topics that are usually swept under the rug: fragile relationships, deteriorating marriages, addictions, impotence, and the delicate bond between fathers and sons.


2017  |

Inder, age 47, a family man and a successful financial consultant decides to walk away from everything he knows and loves. He travels through the heart of India in search of himself, meeting new people, learning lessons and giving himself up to serendipity. Balraj is thought-provoking, troubling and even uplifting at times.


2017  |

Sitting on an arm chair near the window, Ramona muses on the events that have happened in her life in the recent past. A letter from her husband shocks her and topples her world upside down.  Bombarded by a thousand questions, accusations, a tumult of emotions and confusion, she begins to untie the knots one at a time .


2018  |

Children start their travels in the blissful kingdom of Shambala, a beautiful land, where they are protected and taken care of. They enter Shambala as little infants, trusting their parents and caregivers. The children continue on their journey, skipping along the path till they reach a dark forbidding gate, which like some powerful vacuum sucks them inside and into the next kingdom of Dystopia. I am their guide there and I will oversee their journey in this new land.

A man from Mandu

2019  |

Is he the New Age Guru that we have all been waiting for?

Is he a fraudster?

How does he know the story of your life?

In his latest book, Manoj Jain delves into the world of Godmen and devotees, of faith and money. A Man from Mandu is a book of deception, transformation and growth. Read about Dhawal and his metamorphosis into Avishkar Baba, the Sadhu of Stories, and about Tarini who is promoting him so successfully. But what does the scheming Tarini have to gain?

A return to Mandu

2019  |

Manoj's Vices

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Errors And Kaushal

www.guptakaushal.in | The THC

 It is very modern in its approach and as a reader, you will connect to the story. It is also about the other side of human behavior and desires which are usually hidden under the pretext of culture and "Log Kya Kahenge" syndrome that our society is affected with.

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Readers Land

www.readersland.com  | The THC

The THC is a positive book that shows that every problem has a solution (however unusual) and all answers can be found within oneself. The THC is the outcome of Manoj’s keen sense of observation and optimistic approach to life which the author likes to share with his readers. To unearth something that is so obvious yet hidden makes his book interesting and thrilling!

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What happened to Tarini and Dhawal after the saga of Avishkar Baba ? Read the addendum here

WHo's Manoj

Manoj Jain

1965  |  Father . Husband . Businessman .  Author.

Manoj Jain has always been interested in human relationships and how they are affected by circumstances. He is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad and a student of Psychology. He runs his own garment exports business. He travels all over the globe, meets new people, hears interesting stories and these give him a deeper understanding of the way people think.





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